Patrick CHALAND - Sculptor in Marseille, 13004.

Biography, fuel and approach

Training course : another way than a college of art : surgery. And a continuous practice of drawing and modeling.
Glass attracts me, especially massive glass, melted in a form and worked once cold : cast glass. The works of glass artists, Gallé, Lalique, Décorchemont, Daum, Marinot and then contemporary ones such as Leperlier brothers, Yan Zoritchak, Colin Reid, Matei Negreanu, ... fascinate me.

In 2008, I meet the CIRVA, then Olivier Fonderflick, a talented glass-maker experienced in cast glass. He teaches me and I make my first glass works ( and break a lot).

Due to its transparency and properties, cast glass is the material which will allow me to translate what’s in my mind.
Melted in mass, “cast glass” - crystal or foundry glass - provides the internal structure of each work with countless possibilities.
And above all, this matter deeply moves me.
However, I go on working other materials : terra cotta, bronze, resins, plaster, concrete.

In January 2011 I decide to turn my sculptor activity in a full time job.

Having to struggle with some technical difficulties, I decide to immerse myself during four months, from January to April 2013, in the CERFAV (Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation aux Arts Verriers), in Vannes-le-Châtel, and improve my experience. Four months of daily pleasure.

Concurrently with my personal pieces, I execute orders, in diverse materials. There are indeed limits in the use of glass, due to the physical forces which will exert on the sculpture, to its weight and to its cost.
Totally different exercise : imagine and build an imposed subject. I have to make the client’s vision come to the surface, and at the same time make a personal work.

My works are now among collectors who have done me the honour to notice my work, and are visible in galleries. In Marseille you can also see Nina, which became "the dog of St Barnabé".

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And always, try to bring about dreaming.
Sculpture is an undertaking of expression and seduction.

* : In this text, use of the masculine is generic and applies to both men and women.

Maison des Artistes n° C980710
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