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My original creations are made of massive glass - "cast glass".

I try to transpose a concept or a reverie, and thus I tell a part of a story. Each time I try to touch something fundamental, something we are made of.

Glass melted in mass - crystal or foundry glass - is the perfect material for my work.
Perfect because glass comes from the magma, and also because its properties provide the internal structure of each work with countless possibilities.
I feel a real exchange with this material, sort of a resonance.

Glass is a solid liquid . It is as aged as planets. To work it is like tackling Universe on tiptoes.
A kind of maelstrom takes place during the melting, that mixes my intention and the movement of the glass, freed by the oven's heat.

On the other hand, I also make portraits and orders, in various materials (bronze, aluminium, resin, terra cotta, HP concrete).

Sculpture is an undertaking of expression and seduction.

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